Athena Healthcare, Inc. (ATHN) Waltham, MA

The premier outsource provider of medical billing, practice management, and EMR services for physicians. CHP I/II was first VC termsheet, Co-led first round. Most successful IPO of 2007.


QPIDBoston, MA

Software company spun off from Partners Healthcare in Boston has developed a proprietary intelligence engine that allows clinicians to extract data from an electronic health records (EHR) and convert it into actionable format. The Web-based search engine utilizes natural language processing (NLP) to allow clinicians to search health records using no-click navigation capabilities. QPID is platform-agnostic, so it is compatible with any form of EHR software.

Awarepoint San Diego, CA

'Zigbee' mesh-network technology enables hospitals to create powerful, low cost wireless networks for asset tracking and other information-exchange applications. CHP III led second round financing. Shipping product.


TechRxCoraopolis, PA

Software for automating the pharmaceutical distribution supply chain, extending from manufacturer through PBM, to the pharmacy floor. Acquired by NDC Health (NDC) in 2003, and subsequently Per-Se, then McKesson. CHP I was sole venture investor.

CodeRyteBethesda, MD

Natural Language Processing for computer-assisted coding of medical dictation notes for medical billing. Data mining and decision support tools also under development. CHP II invested in first institutional round. Acquired by 3M Health Information Systems in April 2012.


TelaDocDallas, TX

Leading Company in telehealth services providing doctor consults to consumers. Developing video capability for consoles.

IntellicarePortland, ME

Integrated Telecommunications, Web and Data Networks for Patient Management. CHP II participated in initial financing. Intellicare was acquired by PolyMedica in 2005. In 2009, the company was bought by management and now operates as SironaHealth.


Visicu (ex eICU) Baltimore, MD

Remote-monitoring and decision-support systems for managing intensive-care patients in the hospital. IPO in 2006, acquired by Phillips 2007. CHP I was founding investor.

Life Image, Inc. Newton, MA

Cloud based medical imaging sharing platform for hospitals, physicians and patients. CHP III lead 2nd round financing.


VitalsLyndhurst, NJ

Web-based physician directory / decision-support tool.

NexCura Seattle, WA

eCare Tools for Chronic Disease Management. Nexcura was acquired by Thomson Reuters, then sold to US Oncology, which was subsequently acquired by McKesson Corporation (NYSE: MCK).


CureatrNew York, NY

The HIPAA secure group messaging system created by healthcare providers for healthcare providers.